How To Buy or Sell a Car Without
Getting Ripped Off!


Yes, you can buy or sell a car and save thousands of dollars and avoid getting scammed and ripped-off by sleazy car dealers. provides useful information for anyone that wants to buy a new or used car for a lot less money, sell a used car for more money, save money while owning a car, and how to avoid car dealer scams and other car scams.

The first thing car buyers must know is that car lots are a war zone for the unprepared!

On a car lot, the entire car buying process has been designed from start to finish to make you more agreeable by wearing you down so they can take more of your money in bogus hidden fee’s, outrageously expensive add-ons you didn’t request, ripping you off on your trade-in, extra points on the car loan, etc., etc.

You can avoid this car buying agony, but only by preparing yourself.

The only way to save money and keep your sanity when you buy or sell a car is to be aware of the tricks and scams that car sales people and private party car sellers might try to pull on you.

Once you learn the secrets the car dealers and other scammers don't want you to know, the entire car buying and car selling experience will actually become enjoyable!

Use as your reference and learn...

 How to save a fortune when you buy a new car.

 How to inspect a car, test drive a car, and buy a used car…a good used car for CHEAP!

 How to buy and sell cars for profit and make $300.00 to $3000.00 profit per car in your spare time.

 How to sell a used car and put hundreds more in your pocket.

 A little known technique for buying a new car that will save you thousands.

 How to identify and avoid car dealer scams and other car scams.

 How to inspect a used car like a pro...even if you currently know nothing!

 The proper way to test drive a used car.

 How to negotiate hundreds off the price of a used car.

 How to save hundreds of dollars by avoiding the new car paint sealant scam.

 What you must DO when buying a car.

 32 things you must NOT do when you buy a car.

 15 questions you must ask before buying an extended car warranty.

 How to sell your car to family or friends the right way so you don't end up as bitter enemies for life.

 Car buyers confess the horrible experiences they've had with car salespeople in our Car Dealer Horror Stories series. Check these out and submit your own car dealer horror story.

 Car salespeople rant and rave about the stuff car buyers are saying about them in our Car Dealer Horror Stories series...and most of them aren't very nice about it either.

 10 ways to save thousands on a car loan.

 15 ways to save gas today.

 How to see if your car is on the auto recall list.

 17 ways to slash your car insurance bill without compromising the quality of your policy.

 How to end a car lease and still keep your credit intact.

 The top 10 most stolen cars.

 All the car terms, car lingo and car lot jargon are listed here to help you when buying a new or used car.

Everything you must know on how to buy or sell a car...without getting ripped off...and how to slash your car expenses are found on


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