My Daughters Are NOT Allowed To Date Car Salesmen!

A reader of this site that works at a car dealership as a NON-salesperson wrote this very interesting email to us...

"I LOVE your website. I've worked in the car business for years in the general office. Because of all that I've heard and observed over the years - I have acquired quite an education. To the point that I have forbidden my daughters to ever date car salesmen. And they've heard enough horror stories over the years that makes the thought of dating one very unappealing. People think I'm exaggerating when I tell them what they're up against when they go into a dealership. I just get sick when I see the deals they've signed to. People don't realize that this business is a psychological game of "win and lose" and guess who loses? Maybe I haven't read enough on your site yet, but a couple of terms I didn't see are "third baseman" and "roach". I am convinced that to be a car salesman (or woman) you have to sell your soul. It definitely attracts a certain kind of person. And if you aren't that kind of person when you go in, it will eventually become who you are. And I have watched as their games bleed over into their personal lives. There's no business like the car business and I don't mean that in a good way. I'm getting so I can instantly spot these guys away from work too. Again, thank you for a fabulous website. It is a valuable learning tool. You've done a GREAT job with this site and I'll be telling everyone I know about it."

My response...
YIKES! And thats coming from someone working right there in the belly of the beast! Thank you!

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