70 Ways To NOT Sell a Car!

How to not sell a car? "Say what?! I want to sell my car - I don't want to not sell my car!"

Thats good that you want to sell your car because on this page I've come up with just about every way possible for you to NOT be able to sell your used car quickly and for as much money as possible.

Even if you don't plan on selling your car for another 6 years, or whatever, many of the things you read below should be implemented immediately (in reverse of course), so when you finally decide to sell your old car, you'll be able to sell it much faster and possibly for a lot more money than you expected.

Yes, if you want to get as much money as possible from the sale of your old car, then RESALE VALUE is huge and something you must consider starting the first day you buy your car.

Okay, here are the 70 ways to NOT sell your car, and in no particular order...

  1. Leave the same old filthy worn out floor mats in the car.
  2. Eat in your car and be sure to let your little kids eat in the car. This is especially effective with fabric seats.
  3. Smoke cigarettes in your car so the interior develops a slimy yellow tinge and a nauseatingly foul odor.
  4. Never wax your car.
  5. Leave all your dumbass stickers on it.
  6. Ignore scratches so they develop into huge gaping rust holes like a cancer.
  7. Don't wash your car before showing it.
  8. Make sure the inside of your car smells disgusting.
  9. Don't advertise with free sources like because its a hassle.
  10. Don't touch up the paint.
  11. Don't bother replacing that broken headlight.
  12. Don't put an asking price in your 'Car For Sale' ad.
  13. Don't bother to mention that you are the original or 2nd owner.
  14. Don't bother adding air to your tires so they are the correct PSI.
  15. Don't bother telling prospective buyers that others are interested in your car.
  16. Sell your car with non-working AC during the hottest time of the year.
  17. Make sure your voice mail hasn't been activated yet.
  18. Don't bathe for a week before showing your car.
  19. Don't bother to make sure you left something valuable under the seats, in the glove compartment, or in the trunk.
  20. Procrastinate on posting your 'Car For Sale' ad so you'll be forced to take the first low-ball price someone offers you because you have to sell!
  21. Don't get that tear in the seat repaired or buy seat covers.
  22. Totally lie about the condition of the vehicle because you just know that Karma doesn't exist.
  23. Don't bother checking to see what cars like yours are selling for in the local ads by checking out,,, and/or
  24. Don't bother putting a 'For Sale' sign on your car.
  25. Don't bother putting a price on your 'Car For Sale' sign.
  26. Be sure to have one of those extremely annoying songs playing as your greeting that plays for about a minute before you answer.
  27. Post your 'Car For Sale' ads with no photos.
  28. Accept a check, money order, cashiers check, or travelers checks as payment.
  29. Spend time answering emails from "prospective buyers" from countries like Nigeria.
  30. Give the Title, Bill Of Sale, keys, and car to the buyer before payment clears at your bank.
  31. Be the first one to tell the buyer your lowest price before they have even started negotiating.
  32. Tell callers that the car is "immaculate" and "like new" when it is neither.
  33. Don't qualify callers via email or phone because you only put your address in your ad.
  34. Fork over the car, keys, and paperwork without knowing exactly what you should do with the paperwork according to your state.
  35. When a buyer asks: "whats the lowest price you'll take?" Be sure to reply with a price that is substantially lower than your original asking price.
  36. Don't bother answering your phone because you don't know who the caller is.
  37. Be sure to rush the buyer during the phone call, the inspection, and the test drive.
  38. Don't bother mentioning to the caller or in your ad all the cool stuff your car has like a decent stereo, and/or ice cold AC, and/or new tires, etc., etc.
  39. Give your car away to charity even though you really need the money but assume its not worth much or are too afraid to sell it yourself.
  40. Set your asking price at $5000.00 instead of $4995.00.
  41. Don't bother getting all the filthy grease and dirt cleaned from your engine and engine compartment because you just know that buyers won't lift the hood.
  42. Be sure to price your car in your ads at the lowest price you are willing to take for it so there is nowhere else to go when the buyer inevitably starts to negotiate a lower price.
  43. Sell your car to a complete stranger on a payment basis.
  44. Don't bother to replace that windshield wiper that is frayed and flapping in the breeze.
  45. Be sure to try and sell the car with that weird sounding noise.
  46. Sell your 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive vehicle in the late spring.
  47. Don't bother canceling your insurance after selling your car.
  48. Don't bother to keep a copy of the signed and dated Bill Of Sale with all the buyers contact information on it.
  49. Don't bother to provide a vehicle history report because "no one cares about that stuff" anyway.
  50. Be sure to let total strangers take your car on test drives without you.
  51. Don't bother putting something like "this sale is final" and "car is sold as is with no warranty" on the Bill Of Sale.
  52. Post your 'Car For Sale' ad late Sunday night because you assume "no one wants to look at a car on the weekend."
  53. Lose the whole deal over a measly $25.00 when know one else has shown interest.
  54. Don't bother putting the MPG in your ad when you know it is a high MPG vehicle.
  55. Trade your car in instead of selling it yourself.
  56. Clean your car but don't bother to clean the wheels and tires.
  57. Don't bother cleaning the truck because you just know that no one will look there.
  58. Sell your car to a dealer for a fraction of its price because you didn't bother to check to see what the car could sell for.
  59. Let your dog do its thing in the car for all the years you own it.
  60. Wash the car but don't bother to detail it.
  61. Only put up one ad for your car and hope to hell thats all it will take to sell it.
  62. Don't clearly mention in your ad or at least tell callers that your car has been totaled and has a salvage title.
  63. Never keep maintenance records because you expect that total strangers should know how honest you are.
  64. Print your 'Car For Sale' flyers in black and white only so prospective buyers can't see what color your car is.
  65. Don't get your oil changed before showing it even though the oil is filthy because you assume no one cares about that stuff.
  66. Don't bother checking and topping off all fluids before advertising it.
  67. Don't clean the back seat area because no one will look there anyway.
  68. Become emotionally attached to a buyer and then sell your car to him/her for a ridiculously low price because he/she is now your "buddy" and you don't want to offend him/her.
  69. Be sure to wave to the buyer of your car as they leave with the stack of hundred dollar bills they gave you.
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