Car Scams and Car Dealer Scams You Need To Know About!

- Introduction Page -

Here are some typical car scams and car dealer scams and how to avoid getting ripped off by them.

Check these out because ignorance of these car scams and car dealer scams could cost you thousands MORE when you buy a car.

Oh and nevermind how much time, energy and grief you can save yourself from buying being just a little bit aware of these scams.

:: Bad Credit Score Scam

:: Bump & Grind Car Dealer Scam

:: Car Accessorys Rip Off

:: Car Dealer Horror Stories

:: Car Dealer Trade-in Scam

:: Car Fabric Protection Scam

:: Car Loan Markup Scam

:: Car Lot Lingo & Car Dealer Jargon

:: DON'T Do This When You Buy Cars!

:: Extended Car Warranty Scam

:: Extended Car Warranty Scam #2

:: Forced Life Insurance Car Dealer Scam

:: New Car Paint Sealant Scam

:: Nigerian Automobile Scams (AKA the 419 scam)

:: Regional Auto Recall Scam

:: Swoop And Squat Staged Car Accident

:: Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

:: Used Vehicle Title Washing Scam

:: VIN Etching Car Dealer Scam

:: Zero Percent Interest Loan Car Scams


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