What Is The Regional
Auto Recall Scam?

Here is what the regional auto recall scam is and here is how to avoid this type of manufactures automobile recall.

This is where the car manufacturers issue a recall of a certain vehicle due to a manufacturer defect but they will only repair the defect for cars that are in the geographical region they specify.

The regional automobile recall becomes a huge problem if you bought your car in one state and later moved it to another state.

If your vehicle needs that defect fixed then you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket!

How can this happen? Simple. Lets say the manufacturer determines that your cars electrical system will fry and explode into a mushroom cloud of flames if your car resides in an area that has lots of rain.

So what they will do is to fix only those cars that reside in wet states like Florida and omit those cars that were bought in dry states like Nevada for example.

There have been about 40 of these regional auto recall scams within the last 10 years.

The other problem is if you buy a used car that was bought new in one state and later moved to another state and then the car manufacturer pulls this regional auto recall scam.

Well, same're screwed as far as getting them to correct the manufacturer defect at their expense.

You can do a search to see if your car is involved in a regional auto recall.



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