Car Dealership Sold My Car To Someone Else!

Brendan from New Yorks Car Dealer Horror Story is about how the car dealership sold the car he bought from them to someone else...

"I just signed a contract and left a deposit on a used truck last night. This morning I paid in full for a 6 month insurance policy. A couple of hours later I got a call from the dealer saying that they had made a mistake and that they had actually sold the car two days earlier to someone else. I feel that this may have been an honest mistake, but what am I supposed to do now? I am not out any money (they have agreed to send my deposit back and I have suspended the insurance policy) but I feel like I have been taken advantage of. What are my rights in this case? Or where would be a good place to look for any laws that might protect me? It really was exactly the vehicle I was looking for."

My response...
Maybe I'm just being overly cynical here, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they sold the car to someone that was willing to pay more for AFTER you put the deposit on it. Who knows? I'm not aware of any law that would protect you in this case and its beyond the scope of this site to give legal advice, especially since they offered to return your deposit. I totally understand your frustration in wasting all your time at the dealers. I would just try and negotiate a killer deal on another vehicle and let them know that they better give you the deal of the universe this time since they wasted so much of your time...or avoid getting the run-around and order a car online next time.

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