The Car Dealer Horror Story Series

- Introduction Page -

This is the Car Dealer Horror Story and general Car Horror Story Series Introduction page.

Readers of this website can submit their car horror stories and car dealer scams by contacting us here.

Don't worry if your horror story sounds similar to these. We want to read all of them because most people find it hard to believe that these car scams really exist until they actually read them.

After each one, you can read some of my own comments or at least some ranting!

First let me get something straight here: Yes, there are sleazy, cunning and dishonest car dealers looking for the next opportunity to part you from as much of your money as they can....just as there are in other businesses...

...BUT...there are also many good decent honest hardworking car sales people who will treat you with respect and give you excellent customer service.

Obviously I don't need to warn you about the honest car sales people, right? I just want to warn you about the tricks that are pulled by the dishonest ones so you can avoid your own car dealer horror story. Fair enough?

Check out these Car Dealer Horror Stories and be sure to submit yours here...

:: I didn't get my used car inspected before I bought it

:: What can happen when you trade in your car

:: Why you should buy an extended car warranty

:: We gave our car back to the car dealer

:: Car Lease Horror Story

:: I sold my Corvette for only $1500.00

:: Car dealer adds $27K in extras to the price

:: My daughters are not allowed to date car salesmen

:: Car dealer removed stuff AFTER I paid for the car

:: Car dealer won't give buyer the paperwork

:: Car buyers bail out of car lot

:: Car dealer gives car buyer the run around

:: Car sales person lied about the price of my car

:: Buying a car from friends and family

:: Car dealer sold my car to someone else

:: Car dealer started extended warranty too soon

:: Car dealer lied about my car loan

:: I bought a junk car without seeing it first

Read what angry car sales people are saying about these car dealer horror stories.

Submit Your Personal Car Dealer Horror Story!



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