Car Loan Tips

10 Ways To Prepare For a Getting a Car Loan

Here are 10 easy car loan tips for making sure you are getting an auto loan with the lowest interest and best terms possible with the least amount of hassles.

Saving money on your car financing is easy to do but does require a little bit of planning.

Even if you aren't ready to apply for an auto loan, its important to get started with some of these strategies now so you will be ready when its time to apply.

Here are the 10 ways to prepare for getting a good low interest auto loan with the best terms...

1) Pay your bills on time so negatives won’t show up on your credit rating.

2) Keep a good credit rating by not over extending yourself with debt.

3) Keep tabs on whats on your credit rating. If you need to make changes, then take care of it now so it will be “clean” when its time to apply for an auto loan. You might think that $19.00 debt that was sent to 'Bend-Over-And-Take-It-Collection-Agency' five years ago isn't a big deal, but it is a very big deal to creditors. Negatives can result in your auto loan costing you hundreds or even thousands more over the life of your loan.

4) Figure out how much of a monthly payment you can afford. Be sure to consider car insurance, gas and maintenance.

5) Make as large a down payment as you can to lower your auto financing interest rates and your monthly payments.

 6) Figure out how much your current car is worth and how much you owe on it.

7) Avoid the finance department at the car dealer at all costs by applying for an auto loan online instead. You will save money, time and grief on both your auto loan and the cost of your car.

8) For the best deal, get multiple auto loan quotes from online sources. Its free to apply without the high pressure you will get in the finance department at your dealer and you can get approved fast.

9) Before signing any car loan paperwork, check to make sure you clearly understand everything.

10) If you hit a wall at anytime in the car buying experience, whether its with the car dealer and/or the car loan, then just stop where you are, even if it means walking out the door. Buying under pressure can only hurt YOU (I.E. Cost you more money!) and there is no need to buy under those circumstances - regardless of what kind of scarcity tactic they tell you at the car lot.


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