Car Salesman Says Car Buyers Must Do Research

Car saleman Ken from Wisconsin wrote us to say...

"I am a happy car salesman. I don't make a ton of money selling cars ($35,000-$40,000 for selling $5,000,000 of inventory), but I do love cars in general and I like talking to people. Contrary to what you all may believe, not all sales people are scum. Although there are admittedly some in my field who do take advantage of others for profit, you shouldn't assume every person is going to.

My best advice for new car shopping is RESEARCH. Ask to see our invoices. You can find out what we pay for vehicles if you do a little research. Yes there is hold back and bonus money beyond that for volume. But it is ,after all, a business. If you come informed of costs and try to dip into the holdback, you can be assured you are close to a good deal. Most new car salesman don't make their money off of the sticker price anymore. Our manufacturers pay us to keep our customers happy and loyal, so customer service is a top priority.

If you buy used, definitely be prepared to buy an extended warranty. You just don't know how the vehicle has been taken care of or driven.

So be informed. It is your best tool against getting scammed and having a car dealer horror story for yourself. And, coming from a car salesman, NEVER trade in your car unless you are willing to accept the fact that you are throwing away thousands of dollars.

Be wary, but not afraid. We are people too, just trying to make a living. Be prepared, research, and read the articles on this site often - they may just save you money!!"

My response...
I agree with you wholeheartedly Ken! A new car is one of the most expensive things anyone will buy, so car buyers must do their research/due diligence/homework BEFORE shopping for a new or used car.

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