How To Finalize a Used Car Deal The Right Way!

Here is how to finalize a used car deal the right way so you don't end up being the schmuck that gets screwed because you spent way too much on a crappy used car.

The first rule is to never assume you have a used car deal completed until you learn these things...

If the car sellers phone is ringing off the hook while you are looking at their car, then this might be a good time to remind the seller that you do have cash, and if everything is okay with the paperwork that you will be able to pay them today.

If you're not familiar with what paperwork you need from the seller for whatever country or state you're in, then call your local DMV (or whatever its called where you live) and find out exactly whats required. You should do this well in advance of actually going out to buy a used car.

Now ask the owners to see the Certificate of Ownership (a.k.a: Title, Pink Slip, etc.). Check to see that the V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) and license numbers match between the title and registration.

A vehicle history report will reveal any funky stuff that doesn't show up on the title and the seller isn't willing to tell you about, plus it comes with a BUY BACK GUARANTEE! Get one or have the seller get one before you buy a used car.

Also make sure the license number on the title and registration matches with the vehicles license plate. I might even check the actual V.I.N. on the car.

Check to see that the names match between the title and registration and have them sign their name EXACTLY as its printed on the title with absolutely no deviation before you buy a used car.

Any deviation in the spelling of the name as its shown on the title or any crossing out, superimposing and changing of a date will void the paperwork and cause you a HUGE hassle at the DMV.

Make sure you get any receipts for work done on the car. If the seller doesn't have any, at least write down what type of repairs were done and approximately how long ago.

If you're looking for a cheap car like this, then be careful of falling into the trap of leaving only a check or cash as a deposit and thinking you have the deal sewn up.

Cash is definitely king, especially with a cheap used car because they sell so fast.

If you've negotiated a great deal then do whatever you can to finalize the deal right away before they change their minds!

That could mean driving with them to the wife or husbands office to get the title signed or follow them to the DMV to get some important paperwork.

So thats it! If you follow these directions I've outlined here on how to buy a used car then you should be able to save hundreds of dollars and get a great car!


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