How To Buy A New Car

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If you want to learn how to buy a new car, I've centralized all the articles on Buy And Sell Car Secrets that apply to the process of buying a new car on this page.

If you take the time to go over these articles, you will save tons of money, time and grief BEFORE you deal with car salespeople...

:: How To Buy A New Car: A good starting reference for buying a new car, some new car buying terms, dealing with car salespeople and how to buy an extended auto warranty.

:: How To Find The Lowest New Car Price Quotes: This page shows you an easy alternative to pounding the pavement and going from one car dealer to another when you are buying a new car.

:: How To Buy AD UNIT Cars: This is a unique and often overlooked method for anyone that wants to buy a new car that could save them as much as $5000.00 cash. This method does not work for everyone, because we all have different needs, but if you choose to use it, it will work for you.

:: Canadian Car Prices: Resources for Canadian car buyers.

:: DO THIS When Buying A New Car: A collection of 9 essential car buying tips for new and used car buyers.

:: But DON'T DO THIS When Buying a Car! 31 guerilla car buying tips for what NOT to do when you buy a new car or used car.

:: Extended Car Warranty Rip Off: You can buy an extended car warranty for hundreds of dollars less than what the car dealer will charge's how.

:: Extended Car Warranty Questions: Here are 15 questions you MUST ask before buying and extended car warranty.

:: New Car Loan Tips: Features tips for new car buyers seeking a loan.

:: What Is GAP Car Insurance and Why You Need It: You thought after you bought or leased that new car that you were fully covered by your car insurance, right? Think again!

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Here are car dealer scams and other car scams to be aware of when buying a new car...

:: New Car Paint Sealant Scam: Being aware of this car dealer scam could save you from $200.00 to $1000.00.

:: Car Accessory Rip Off: An easy way to save on aftermarket items for your car instead of buying them from the car dealers.

:: Car Dealer Horror Stories: An ever growing collection of car dealer horror stories submitted to us by car buyers, including numerous angry responses by car salespeople too.

:: Bump And Grind Car Dealer Scam: This car dealer scam happens during the negotiation process of buying a new car (or used) and here is how you can avoid it.

:: Bad Credit Score Scam: Here is how to avoid this financing scam and save hundreds of dollars in interest the next time you buy a car.

:: Car Fabric Protection Scam: Some car dealer scams are elaborate and confusing, but this one is simple and easily avoided.

:: Car Loan Markup Scam: The car loan markup scam is costing new and used car buyers as much as one billion dollars a year!

:: Extended Car Warranty Scam #1: Here is exactly how to avoid the extended car warranty scam that some car dealers may try to force on you!

:: Extended Car Warranty Scam #2: Another extended car warranty scam is where the car dealer throws in an overpriced extended auto warranty without even bothering to tell you about it.

:: Forced Life Insurance Car Scam: The forced life insurance car scam is just another in a long line of car dealer scams that you will need to be aware of.

:: Do NOT Trade In Your Car: Here is the reason why you never want to trade-in cars.

:: VIN Etching Car Scam: Here is what the VIN etching car scam is and how to avoid it.

:: Zero Percent Car Loan Scam: Did you ever think it was possible to spend MORE for a zero interest car loan? It is if you aren't aware of this.

And here are some car terms and car definitions for anyone about to buy a new car...

:: Car Model Terms: All the types of cars are listed here with definitions.

:: Car Technical Terms: Here are all the car technical terms the average new car buyer might be interested in.

:: Car Lot Terms: Here are assorted names car salespeople call car buyers behind their backs.

:: Car Buying Terms: Here are all the car buying terms shown on the sticker of a new car. Everything is defined, from MSRP to Holdback to Destination Charge, etc.

:: Car Dealer Terms: Car dealer terms with definitions used by car dealers. From Bait and Switch, to Haggle Free, Tower and Switch and more.

:: Car Finance Terms: Car financing terms like Loan Amortization, APR mean, Upside Down, Negative Equity and many more.

:: Car Industry Terms: General car industry terms like CAFE, EDP, OEM, Transplant, Twin and what they mean.

:: Car Paperwork Terms: All the car paperwork terms are defined here from Title, to VIN, to Registration, Insurance Card, Smog Certificate and Safety Check.


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