How To Sell a Car

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I will show you how to sell a car yourself and put from $300 to as much as $1000 MORE in your pocket than you ever thought was possible!

Its not difficult to get a lot more money when selling your car once you know how and I'm going to show you lots of cool tricks and tips for how to do that here.

Ask yourself this...

If half a day spent doing the stuff I show you could bring back enough cash to pay the first 2 to 4 payments on the car you are about to buy - would you be interested?

Of course  - so lets get started...

:: How To Sell Your Car: This is a FREE 9 part guide on how to sell a car yourself and get hundreds of dollars MORE for it.

:: How To Sell a Car To Family or Friends: Seriously, don't even think about selling that old car of yours to someone you love and care about without reading this article!

:: Don't Trade In Cars: You can probably kiss off at least a thousand dollars if you trade your car in.

:: Used Car History: Normally used for used car buyers, but you could provide this to the buyer of your own used car to gain their trust and expedite the sale of your old car.

:: Make Money Buying And Selling Cars: Check out the secret business of buying and selling used cars for profit.

:: Nigerian 419 Car Scam: If you're going to sell a car yourself, and especially if you advertise it on the internet, then you really need to be aware of this scam.

:: Never Wax Your Car: Here is a way to protect your cars paint and avoid ever having to wax it again.

:: Car Paperwork Terms: All the car paperwork terms are defined here from Title, to VIN, to Registration, Insurance Card, Smog Certificate and Safety Check.

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