The Swoop and Squat Staged Car Accident Scam

Here is what the Swoop And Squat Staged Car Accident Scam is and how you can avoid it.

This staged car accident is usually orchestrated via cell phone with one to four cars involved.

What they are looking for is an obviously well insured vehicle. That means an expensive late model car or commercial vehicle.

This staged accident, in its simplest form, happens when a car will cut (swoop) in front of you on purpose and then slam (squat) on their breaks causing you to rear end them.

Insurance companies usually consider it to be your fault when you rear end someone because that normally means that you were following too closely...and that is what makes this scam work.

More elaborate variations of this car scam take place with a couple other cars staged on each side of you to box you in so you can't veer out of the way of this staged car accident.

The car you hit will usually be full of passengers claiming all kinds of fraudulent back and neck injuries to your insurance company.

Sometimes these swoop and squat car accidents are being staged by a crime ring that at the top involves dishonest doctors that will diagnose false injuries and crooked lawyers to file the fraudulent insurance claims.

The best way to avoid being involved in a swoop and squat staged car accident is to always allow lots of room between you and the car in front of you. At least one car length per ten miles per hour should give you plenty of room to react safely.


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