A Used Car History Report Reveals Secrets About The Car You Want To Buy

You must know a used cars history BEFORE you buy a used car...not after.

A recent study by GE shows that providing a vehicle history report boosted the average selling price of used cars sold at auctions by $300.00...and I suspect that amount would be even higher for person-to-person private party used car sales.

A vehicle history report will make the sale of your used car go much smoother and faster - plus you'll get more money for the car too.

A used car history report can reveal the following about a used car...

:: FLOOD FILE: Flood damaged cars are often moved to other states and sold to unsuspecting buyers.

:: REBUILT/RECONSTRUCTED TITLE: The vehicle sustained damage and was rebuilt or reconstructed, then placed back on the road.

:: ODOMETER FILE: Odometer rollback fraud costs car buyers thousands. A full used car history report can identify potential odometer fraud before you purchase.

:: NOT ACTUAL MILEAGE FILE: Is the odometer showing the actual mileage? Odometers often malfunction and no longer record the proper mileage reading.

:: ACCIDENT FILE: Major accident damage severely affects the safety and resale value of a vehicle.

:: SALVAGE AUCTION RECORD: Vehicles classified as "totaled" by insurance companies are often sold at auction to be reconstructed and put back on the road.

:: FIRE DAMAGE: Vehicle history reports gets information on vehicle fires from most US jurisdictions. These events are usually not the result of an accident and are taken from the actual fire department reports compiled at the scene.

:: RENTAL CAR FILE: Rental cars are driven by many people under often brutal driving conditions.

:: TAXI/POLICE: A vehicle registered as a taxi, "for hire" or law enforcement vehicle.

:: FLEET VEHICLE: Vehicle was registered or sold new to a company that manages vehicle fleets.


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