How To Make Your Car Interior Look Like New Before You Sell It

Before you sell a car its important that the interior be as clean as possible.

Here are some tricks to make your old cars interior look better.

Why does it matter that your cars interior be as clean as possible BEFORE selling your car?

Because not only will you get a lot more cash for it but you will sell it a lot faster too which means not having to waste your precious time off trying to sell your old car.

Here is part of what you need to do before you sell a car...

Interior Plastic: Spray with Armorall or something similar. If its dirty, I use 409 spray cleaner. Spray, let it sit for a few minutes. Spray again and then wipe it off your cars interior.

Door Hinges and Door Jambs: Clean and touch up if needed. Do all touch up painting BEFORE you use something like Armorall.

Vacuum The Interior: Vacuum the interior and trunk thoroughly.

Interior Vinyl: Armorall all the vinyl. In really cheap cars I may only do this in the dash area.

Headliner: If the headliner is vinyl I use 409 spray cleaner. If its fabric, see below.

Interior Fabric (including fabric headliners): I've used Woolite heavy duty carpet cleaner. It comes in a big spray can. Spray it on and scrub with a plastic soft bristle scrub brush. It says to vacuum after, but I've never vacuumed the headliners. Test on a small area first!

Glass: If its a really cheap car then I usually only do the front and front side windows. Do all of them in more expensive cars. This should be the last thing you'll do to it before you sell a car.

Missing Interior Parts: Replace missing or broken window cranks, door lock knobs, rear view mirror, etc. Buy generic ones at an auto parts store.

Carpet: Shampoo the carpet. I wouldn't bother shampooing the carpet of really cheap cars unless they are really disgusting.

Dashboard: This really needs to look good because its right in your buyers face. I suggest you buy one of those pre-formed dash board covers that goes over your old cracked dashboard.

Car Seats: If you are going to sell a car thats expensive then it would be worth having that panel replaced by an upholsterer. For a cheap car, instead of dealing with the time and expense of re-upholstery work, you should just get some cheap seat covers.

Steering Wheel: If its worn out and funky looking then get a steering wheel cover. Like the dashboard, this is another thing that is really in your potential buyers face, so it needs to look good.

IMPORTANT: When you sell a car, use your common sense and be careful about putting too much money or time into a car, especially if its a funky old high-mileage car that isn't going to bring you back what you put into it.

Don't waste your time and money on things that won't bring you more money and/or make the sale easier. The important point to remember when you sell a car is that it needs to be as clean as possible inside and out.

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