Another Extended Car Warranty Scam

Another extended car warranty scam is where the car dealer throws in an extended auto warranty without even bothering to tell you about it.

They are counting on and hoping that you won't bother to carefully go over the paperwork - and many car buyers don't!

Why? Usually its because you are so wasted, burned out and worn down after your hideous new car buying experience that you just want to get the hell out of there.

If you discover this on your paperwork then they will give some lame and totally bogus reason by telling you that the finance company requires it, or who knows what else?

Here is how to avoid becoming a victim to this car scam...

  • Go over the warranty paperwork thoroughly.
  • Get your car loan online BEFORE you actually go to the car dealer. That way you can avoid the human shark guy in the finance department.

If you do those three things I listed then you will save yourself an unbelievable amount of grief, time and money and avoid this extended car warranty scam.


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