Extended Car Warranty

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 An extended car warranty can offer peace of mind and save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

An extended auto warranty can be confusing, especially when presented by the finance department at a car dealer, plus it will cost a lot more there too.

Read on to see how and why you do NOT need to buy the extended warranty offered by your car dealer.

Here are some essential articles to read BEFORE buying an extended auto warranty...

:: Extended Auto Warranty Rip Off: You can buy an extended auto warranty for hundreds of dollars less than what the car dealer will charge is how.

:: Extended Auto Warranty Questions: Here are 15 questions you MUST ask before buying and extended auto warranty.

:: Extended Auto Warranty Scam #1: Here is exactly how to avoid the extended auto warranty scam that some car dealers may try to force on you!

:: Extended Auto Warranty Scam #2: Another extended auto warranty scam is where the car dealer throws in an overpriced extended auto warranty without even bothering to tell you about it.


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