Car Terms, Car Lot Terms, Car Buying Terms, Car Jargon, Car Definitions, Car Finance Terms

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Here are all the car terms, car model terms, car lot terms, car buying terms, car dealer terms, car finance terms you will ever want or need to know!

I've gone through all the automobile terminology (almost 200!) that car dealers use to describe car buyers, plus car lot lingo, car industry terms, car lease terms, car tech terms, auto loan terms, used auto terms and much more!

CAR MODEL TERMS: Here are all the car model terms with definitions for the car, suv, sports car and truck categories.

CAR TECHNICAL TERMS: Here are all the car technical terms the consumer needs from ABS, Clutch and Transaxle, to Drive Shaft and much more.

CAR LOT TERMS: Ever wanted to know the car lot terms, lingo and car jargon car salespeople use to describe YOU behind your back? Well, here they are!

CAR BUYING TERMS: Here are all the car buying terms shown on the sticker of a new car. Everything is defined, from MSRP to Holdback to Destination Charge, etc.

CAR DEALER TERMS: Car dealer terms with definitions used by car dealers. From Bait and Switch, to Haggle Free, Tower and Switch and much more.

CAR FINANCE TERMS: Car financing terms like Loan Amortization, APR mean, Upside Down, Negative Equity and many more.

CAR LEASE TERMS: 23 car lease terms with definitions YOU MUST SEE BEFORE you consider leasing a car.

CAR INDUSTRY TERMS: General car industry terms like CAFE, EDP, OEM, Transplant, Twin, etc.

USED CAR TERMS: Used car terms like Consignment Sale, Gun Decking, Chopped, Commission Split and many more.

CAR PAPERWORK TERMS: All the car paperwork terms are defined here from Title, to VIN, to Registration, Insurance Card, Smog Certificate and Safety Check.


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