More Questions To Ask The Seller BEFORE You Buy a Used Car...

When you buy a used car, you need to learn how to get the used car seller to knock hundreds of dollars off the price and promise to hold it for you until you see it....and all this is done over the phone!

When you buy a used car, you will need to ask the seller a lot of questions so you will know if the car is even worth taking the time to drive over and look at... 

:: What is the condition of the interior, including the seats, headliner, dashboard, carpet, etc?

:: Has the timing belt been replaced? If so; when?

:: Was the engine rebuilt? If so; when?

:: Is the registration current?

:: If it needs a smog certificate or safety check, did you already get those?

:: Is the title in the sellers name and do they have it with them? If not, when can they get it?

:: Start negotiating now and get them to agree to a lower price over the phone.

:: Ask them when the last time the car was started. If it hasn't been started then ask them to NOT start it until you get there.

:: Arrange a time to see the car and confirm that time with the seller.

:: Ask them if they would promise to hold the car and show it to no one else until after you have seen it.

:: Get detailed driving directions from the seller and repeat them back to make sure they are correct.

:: When you buy a used car, if they don't have a vehicle history report then ask them for the VIN (vehicle identification number) now so you can get one before leaving to look at it.

:: Before hanging up the phone...remind them of the time you will be coming and confirm with them that they will let you be the first to see their car.

If you cover those points above then this is what you can accomplish when you want to buy a used car...

:: You will have created a good visual picture in your mind as to how the car looks and runs BEFORE ever taking the time and energy to go and see it. Of course this is presuming the seller is telling you the truth.

:: You got them to commit to a substantially lower price than what they were asking in their ad.

:: Save yourself tons of time (and gas) by not driving all over the place looking at vehicles you're not interested in.

:: Save yourself hundreds of dollars by incrementally negotiating with the seller over the phone.

Most sellers don't mind you asking all these questions. However, sometimes when you want to buy a used car you'll come across a seller that doesn't want to talk much. A vehicle history report can be invaluable, especially when dealing with these type of people, but the time to get one is BEFORE you buy a used car....not later!

If you want to buy a used car on a low budget then you will be looking at older cheap cars. If that's the case, and you find one, then you better get moving right away, because believe used cars sell fast!


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