Car Dealer Adds $27,000.00 More To Price Of Car!

John from Singapore was charged thousands more for his car for extra's...

"I bought a car in March 2001. At that moment of time, I was told that the car was $75K and that will include everything. But to my surprise, the dealer added on to many extra items and the price of the car become $102K. During 2002 March, I could not keep up with the loan and i pass the car back to the dealer. The Car was later sold by the same car dealer on Aug 2002 at the price of $45K claiming that the car needed a lot of repair, but later I found out that the car was later again sold to another person on Oct 2002 at the price of $98K. Everything was made up. The case is still fighting in the court. No body can do anything, because the scam is so real that we could not detect it. I just wonder could anyone out there could help investigate it. Help."

My response...
As you can see, shady car dealers pull the same kind of tricks throughout the world, but this just goes to show (in an extreme way) the importance of reading the paperwork!

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