How To Clean Your Cars Engine and Engine Compartment Before Selling Your Car

Here is how to clean your engine & engine compartment which is important detail when selling your car for as much money as you can get for it.

This really matters because everyone will look under the hood - even if they have no idea what they are looking!

They will notice if its clean or filthy and the less they know about cars then the more that "clean" or "filthy" thing will matter to them too.

Seriously, people that know cars don't pay as much attention to stuff like this, but guess what? Most people don't know cars so you will want to cater to them by making your old cars engine and engine compartment look as pretty as possible.

Fortuneatly, cleaning your engine and engine compartment is not a difficult thing to do, so lets get started...

  • Fluids: Check all fluids and add if needed.
  • Belts: Tighten if loose and noisy and/or use belt dressing.
  • Spark Plugs: Gap and replace if needed.
  • Radiator: Add antifreeze and fill to proper level with water.
  • Dirty Engine: Cover up the distributor and other electronic stuff and carburetor/fuel injection with foil or a plastic bag and use a spray engine cleaner. You can buy spray cans of engine cleaner at any auto parts store.
  • Engine Compartment: Its important to really clean up the entire area thats visible to your potential buyers. That includes: hoses, battery, radiator, the hood...everything! Just try to make it look really nice and clean under there. Again: Cover all electrical parts with foil or plastic bags so you don't damage it.

If you're thinking: "Why do I need to do all that?" Look, as weird as you might think it is, cleaning the engine and engine compartment before you sell a car is just one of the crucial steps to do so you can get $300 to $1000 more for your car. Trust me, it works because like I said before; even if the buyer knows absolutely nothing about cars, they will always look under the hood of your car and if its clean then they will assume that you have cared for your car...which will enable you to sell your car faster and for more money.

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