I Want To End My Car Lease Because The Car Dealer Lied To Me!

Cella from Texas talks about how in a worn down state she signed a contract for an expensive car lease that was not good for her...

"I was in a car wreck in 2003 where an eighteen wheeler totaled my 10 day old Tacoma. When it came time to purchase another truck the dealership said they could get us a truck just like the one I had the wreck in. Not so, they came up with a newer model for more money. That wasn't the deal they had promised. They saw that we were hesitant so they started showing us the new Tundra's. We were told if we leased the Tundra our payments would be cheaper than if we bought the Tacoma outright. I told the salesman we lived in a very rural area and had to drive alot to get from place to place. He told us, "NO PROBLEM", the lease called for unlimited miles and we didn't have to worry. WRONG! With my foot in a cast, tired of being on crutches and haggeling with the dealer we did the stupid thing and got hooked up in a four year lease. Any thing we can do to get out of our car lease? We will have had the car for almost 2 years now and have put 60,000 plus miles on the truck."

My response...
One of the scary things about this Car Dealer Horror Story was how Cella gave in to a 4 year lease deal that was not in her best interest due to being worn down from the car buyng process. You really need to be on your game when you approach a car lot. I discuss this "wear-down" process further in the Buy New Cars section of this website.

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