Avoid The New Car Paint Sealant Scam!

The new car paint sealant scam is one of the most outrageous scams foisted upon the new car buyer by new car dealers.

This is where new car dealers will attempt to charge you from $200.00 to as much as $1000.00 for something that only cost them maybe $25.00 to $50.00 to have applied...and it is something you can do yourself...or hire someone to do for you for a lot less.

I completely understand that car dealers are in business to make money and they have huge overhead. I also understand that whatever aftermarket items they add to a car should bring them a decent profit too.

So the fact that car dealers make a good profit on a legitimate product here is NOT the issue. The problem is that what some car dealers are calling a new car paint sealant is often just regular old car wax and there is a world of difference between a car wax job and a high quality new car paint sealant.

That may not bother you if you like to apply car wax often or you don't mind paying someone about $75.00 to wax your car every couple months but if you paid hundreds of dollars for what was supposed to be a new car paint sealant then you have every right to be ticked off!

Unfortuneately your awareness of the new car paint sealant scam usually goes like this...

Its been an exhausting five hours battling at the car dealer and you are thrilled to finally drive away in your new car, but much later when you look at the "fine print" you notice that you paid anywhere from $200.00 to as much as $1000.00 for something called a "new car paint sealant."

So you call the dealer to ask them what the heck this new car paint sealant stuff really is. Of course they tell you that its this awesome new technology that will protect your paints finish from dirt, grime, UV, smog and other nastys and will protect your cars finish like nothing else available and will enable you to not have to wax your car.

Of course you figure that with all the work involved in waxing your car or the cost to pay someone else to wax your car that this new car paint sealant will pay for itself in no time, right?

But weeks later you notice that when your new car is wet that the water no longer beads up like it did right after you bought it and now it even looks like it needs to be waxed again!

What?! You paid hundreds of dollars for what was just a regular ol car wax job? No way!

So what can you do now? Do you have any recourse? I doubt it because unless you know someone from the "inside" that is willing to testify in small claims court that this was only car wax, how in the heck are you going to prove that your expensive new car paint sealant was only car wax? Sorry but you can't and you might as well just chalk that up to experience.

But if you catch this add-on BEFORE you pay for you car (because you did what I instruct you to do throughout this website!) and the car dealer tries to charge you anything more than $50.00 for it, then just tell them to knock the price down or you'll walk right out that door...and mean it too!

So whats the solution? Well there is one new car paint sealant (it works on old cars, boats and airplanes too) that actually does what it promises. It will protect your cars finish for at least a year with no car waxing involved. Its a hard finish as opposed to the soft finish of car wax and repells dirt, grease and road grime. The cool thing to is that its also makes it much easier to wash your car because the dirt tends to just fall off because dirt doesn't get to it like it does with auto wax.


Here is what happy users of this new car paint sealant are saying...

Thomas' Porsche"I am exceptionally pleased with the Polisher/Sealer that I purchased from you at the recent Porsche Parade. I have discussed the fantastic results that I have achieved on my Porsche with numerous members of the Maverick Region Porsche Club. Take a look for yourself."
Thomas M.


Devins Corvette"I had to write in and talk about how much your products have changed my 1992 Corvette. My dad bought the Corvette as our project car in November of 2006. His sight started to deteriorate, so as soon as I was 16, it became my car. Fresh from the factory in 1992, this car was red, but by the time it was ours, it was orange. Swirl marks also plagued the finish on the car. I found Griot's Garage online (after much dissatisfaction with the other brands) and the car is finally red again. It's become the envy of all of my friends, considering I'm only 17. It looks so good that somebody has offered me double what we paid, but I could never part with it."


Joanne and Erics Morgan"I am sure that you can tell from my customer # and purchases over the years, that I love your products. My wife Joanne and my pride and joy is our 1966 Morgan +4 Roadster. Our car has won numerous first place awards, and this year is the Centenary (100th) Anniversary of the Morgan Motor Company. This year our car (by invitation only) was selected to show at the world renowned, prestigious, Greenwich Concours in Greenwich, CT. I swear by your products."
Joanne and Eric S.

Remember that this vehicle paint sealant works on any vehicle from cars, to motorcycles, RV's, boats and even airplanes.


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