Assume a Used Car Lease With No Money Down

You can assume a used car lease cheap by taking over someone elses lease.

This is an awesome way to pick up a super clean almost new car for much less out of pocket cash than buying a new car.

Here are the main advantages for assuming someone elses used auto lease instead of starting a new lease with a new car...

  • No money down
  • Short lease terms
  • No hidden charges
  • Cash incentives

You can assume a late model used auto lease with NO MONEY DOWN because the original owner has already made the down payment and motivated sellers often compensate their auto lease buyers by making the first payment, paying transport fee's or just straight cash.

The advantage to you, the used car lease buyer, is that usually people's reasons for breaking a car lease are because perhaps they've lost their job and can't afford it anymore, or they are moving out of the country, or they are going through a divorce, or they just want a different car, etc., etc.

There could be a million reasons why a lease holder might want to terminate their car lease, but the important thing for you to know is that they are what is known as "Don't Wanters."  That means that they are highly motivated to break their car lease will be open to negotiating with you.

So taking over someone elses used car lease is a great way to get into a clean, low mileage late model car with often no money down, low monthly payments and for a much shorter term because someone else has already been paying the lease down before you.


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