I'm Still Filling Out Car Paperwork 8 Months After I Bought My Car!

Nicholas from Colorado told us about how a car dealer is still jerking him around 8 months after be bought his car...

"I traded in my 2001 Ford Ranger XLT to purchase a Ford Mustang convertible. I was approved for the purchase price of $25,000.00, with a trade in of $11,200.00 for the truck. A few weeks went by and the dealership finance manager said I must go in to refill out paper work, so I did. Another month went by and I had yet to receive a payment book or registration for my plates. I go back into the dealership and again I must fill out paper work because now they couldn't get me financed for the amount needed. So I offered to pay for the mileage usage on the car to get my truck was already sold!! Instead she gave me another set of temporary tags, and another stack of papers to fill out, and this has gone on for 8 months now. I have yet to get a payment book from any bank or plates. I have contacted a lawyer and are filing suit on the dealership for damages to my credit."

My response...
Whoa! That might be a record. It seems like they are having some serious organizational problems at that car dealership.

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