How To Find The Lowest New Car
Price Quotes

Here's how to find low new car price quotes and a couple ways to help you avoid all the hassles with car dealers...

This is where you blow your weekends and all your free time searching for the a good deal on a new car while you blindly stagger from car dealer to car dealer in a confused zombie like state because you've been jerked around by car salespeople until you FINALLY succumb to what you hope and pray is a good deal just because you want to get the entire hideous gawd for saken process over with once and for all!

The end result is that you ALWAYS end up paying way too much. You may choose to remain in denial because you can not bear the thought that after all your efforts ant got worked. Guess what? If you bought your new car the "OLD SCHOOL" way, then you did get worked!

The fastest and easiest way to buy a new car is to get free no-obligation quotes online.

To be sure you're getting the lowest new car prices, I suggest you take the time to get quotes from all of them.

Here are some resources for Canadian car buyers.

Car Research and Pricing at

This is a combination of Method 1 and 2 except it takes all the hassle and expense out of Method 1.

Get your car price quotes online and then print them out and take them with you to the car dealership so you can use them as extremely powerful negotiating tools. Don't show them your online new car price quotes until AFTER you get a firm out-the-door quote from them.

When is the best time of the year to buy a new car?

Mid to late summer. Why? Its hot. The kids are out of school and everyone is going on vacation. Thats when dealers like to clear out their inventory to make room for next years models.

The other best time for finding the lowest new car prices is the last couple weeks in December. Thats when I bought my new truck and I got an insane deal! The lot was empty because everyone was busy getting ready for the holidays. Like you, I also did my online homework to find the lowest new car price quotes.

However, that is valid ONLY if you're buying a car the "old school" method. If you search for new car price quotes online, then it really won't make any difference what time of year you buy your new car.

Once again, whether you're buying online or buying old school (from a car dealer)...get FREE no-obligation new car prices from multiple online sources.


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