Honest Car Salesman Tells Whats Needed To Get a Great Car Deal

Ken, a new and honest car salesman gives his take on what car buyers need to do get a great car deal...

"As a new car salesman (a trustworthy one, believe it or not), I applaud you in helping the consumer not get scammed. The most important way NOT to get scammed is DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please emphasize this more. If a customer comes in with a Kelley or Edmunds quote (and stands firm on their offer) 9 times out of ten they bought a new car and saved themselves money! An informed customer is a wise customer, whether your buying a car or negotiating hotel rooms. A nice side note about how not every salesman is bad would be nice. I don't mind showing the customer invoice, explaining holdback or even discussing bonus-level money, as long as they realize there needs to be something left to pay the bills and feed my family. As far as I can tell, the days of paying sticker are way over. And that is fine, because of the 200+ cars that I've sold I think 1 was 500 below sticker. A lot of manufacturers pay bonus money for customer satisfaction and keeping our clients happy and that is the major way we make money. So keep hammering home how important it is to do research--10 min.s on the computer even--the next salesman they run into may not be like me!! Thanks, Ken"

My response...
Everything Ken says is true as far as the importance of doing your research. Actually Ken, I do emphasize the importance of research all over my site. Its interesting to me that I get these emails from NEW car salespeople and they always tell me how honest they are, and I believe that you are an honest salesperson Ken. However, I sometimes wonder if after selling cars for a long time if car salespeople lose their honesty and innocence...and their freakin souls! Why do I say that? Because it seems that its always the sales people that have been at it for a long time that send me the nastiest emails. So thank you to Ken, an honest car salesperson, and my hope is that Ken will always be able to maintain his integrity.

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