Extended Car Warrantys and
How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

You can buy extended car warrantys for hundreds of dollars less than what a car dealer will charge.

I will show you how to save $900 to $1500 on extended auto warrantys...and you can get a far superior one too!

A typical factory warranty on a new car might be 3 years or 36,000 miles, for example. Well, extended auto warrantys start when your factory car warranty ends.

Car dealers handle the sale of extended car warrantys in the finance department and the pressure to buy one of their expensive and often inadequate extended auto warrantys can be intense.....extremely intense!

"I paid too much for the extended auto warranty that I bought from the car dealer...can I get my money back and buy a different one?"

WARNING: If you just bought a new or used car and made the mistake of buying an extended warranty from the dealer then just know that in most states you have 30 days from the date you bought the warranty to change your mind and get something else. The fact is that you don't need to buy your extended warranty BEFORE you leave the car dealership even though "they" in the finance department will try to club you over the head with the idea "that you must buy it now!"

They might tell you that you're being stupid, cheap, and a fool or whatever they can do to make you buy their expensive car warranty NOW!

Its a lie. So don't fall for it. It is true that the sooner you buy an extended auto warranty, the less you will pay for it. But buying an extended warranty the day you buy your car won't make any difference, and if you do buy it from the car dealer, then it will only cost you more...hundreds more!

As you shop, you're going to want an extended warranty that offers what they call exclusionary coverage.  This means that the auto warranty will name ALL the things that are NOT covered under it.

You also want an auto warranty that has a zero repair deductible. That way you won't be hit up for money everytime you have to take the car in for repairs.

Get an extended auto warranty that offers a wear & tear policy, instead of a "mechanical breakdown" policy. A "wear and tear" policy will cover you for mechanical things that wear out as the car ages.

Once again; if you bought a new car within the last 30 days that included an extended auto warranty, then its possible you can get your money back on that warranty because most states allow that within a stated period of time (usually 30-90 days).

Most states have laws that allow refunds for up to thirty days after purchase. It should be clearly stated on the paperwork. If you don't see it on the paperwork then just call the car warranty company and ask them.


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