Car Salesman Wore Me Out So I Gave Up and Bought Their Car!

Alex from New Jersey shares how the car dealership wore him down and how he finally relented to buy whatever...

"1) You (customer) go to the car dealer for the first time.

2) The dealer gives you a very good deal. He writes it on his business card.

3) You think that you can find a better deal by shopping around using this deal as a starting point.

4) After several days or weeks of shopping, you realize that no dealer in your area can even match the deal.

5) You go back to the first dealer and ask to honor the deal.

6) The dealer agrees.

7) You shake hands, sign some no-legal papers, test drive, remove license plates from your trade, call your wife with good news, and feel tired but happy.

8) Then a floor manager comes to you and says something like this: We are sorry, we made a mistake, we can not honor the deal, our new deal is that - blah, blah, blah.

9) You feel very angry and go to the exit. 10) The manager stops you and offers you a little better deal.

11) You still angry and go the exit.

12) The manager stops you and offers you a little better deal. It is still worse then the original.

13) You think: I just spent days or weeks shopping, I just spent 3 - 4 hours here, I am very tired, I want to go home in a new car which I already love, my wife already prepared a celebration diner, I do not have any desire to start all over again.

14) You agree with the latest deal. It is actually a real car dealer horror story. The bad thing is that I do not know how to avoid this happening in the future."

My response...
That last car dealer horror story is so typical. Notice how the poor guy finally just gave up and agreed with "the latest deal." What really is amazing is that this car dealership can treat people so poorly and still stay in business! Any other business that treated their customers like that would have gone out of business a long time ago.

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