Car Buying Tips

DO THIS When You Buy a New Car!

Here are car buying tips for what you MUST DO when you buy a car, especially from a car dealer.

Read through this entire section on car buying tips before you even consider "just shopping".

If you go in with the attitude that you're "just shopping" then you will probably end up buying that day only to find out later that you spent way more money on buying your car then you needed to.

Go through all your car price quotes and figure out who you can get your best deal from. If your online research has shown that you can buy your new car for less from an online source - then by all means do it! Thats a huge car buying tip that will not only save you money, but also hours of time and energy.

Even if you choose to "pound the pavement" and buy a car from a local dealer, you can use these new car price quotes as an extremely powerful tool when negotiating with a car salesperson.

CANADIANS: Here are Canadian car buying tips

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Make a few photocopies of your drivers license. You'll need this later when the dealer asks for it when you go to test drive your new car. Scratch out your drivers license number on it though. In some states they can get your credit report without your permission.

Prepare to spend from four to six hours at the car dealer.

Show up at your car dealer well fed! I'm serious! This is also one of the biggest car buying tips. If you show up starving and with low blood sugar then you can expect to be fleeced. You just won't be able to keep up with all the tricks that can be pulled on you. You're going into battle man! So bring snacks and water too.

Get a FREE no obligation quote for an extended car warranty from an outside source INSTEAD of from the car dealer. You can save hundreds of dollars from what a car dealer will charge and get a far superior car warranty.

Take your car purchase quotes, credit reports, car loan quotesextended warranty notes and copies of your drivers license, etc. with you and watch the sales persons jaw drop in shock as you whip them out. This is a very powerful negotiating technique when you buy cars from a dealer.


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