When You Buy a Car, Do NOT Do This Stuff!

Here are 32 amazing car buying tips for what you must NOT do when buying a new or used car...

These tips will save you time, money and major hassles when buying a car.

1) Read This Page Before Buying a Car: DON'T even think of going to a car dealer to do some "shopping" without first going through this page.

If you do, then just know that there will be tremendous pressure put on you by the sales people to buy - NOW!

Only later will you realize how much money you will have wasted because you didn't do your homework.

2) Test Drive The Car: DON'T buy any car new car or used car without first test driving it!

3) Used Car Inspection: DON'T check out a used car at night or in the rain.

4) Keep Your Mouth Shut: DON'T discuss whether you will be trading in your old vehicle with the salesperson until AFTER you get a firm out the door quote on what your new car will cost.

5) Used Car Trade-in: DON'T trade your car in! Instead, put hundreds MORE in your pocket by selling it yourself.

6) Keep Your Yapper Shut: DON'T talk to the sales person about how you're planning on paying for the vehicle (cash or loan) until after you get a firm quote.

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7) Good Cop - Bad Cop BS: DON'T fall for the bogus "good cop/bad cop" game that they will try to play with you as you're waiting in their office. Your salesperson (the good cop) will say something like: "Well, I think you've made a fair offer here, but I'll have to take it to my manager (the bad cop)." Then they will come back about twenty minutes later and tell you: "Geez, I just don't get it. My manager won't be reasonable, say, how about if we split the difference? I bet he will go for that." Its just another ploy designed to wear you down. Chances are the salesperson has been sitting on the john reading the sports page the whole time! If they try this then just tell them that you're aware of their little game and you're not impressed, and if they waste any more of your time then you're going to bail - and mean it!

8) Keep The Same Salesperson: DON'T allow the salespeople to change on you. Its one thing if it happens right after you get to the lot. Thats okay, but if they start changing salespeople in the middle of the deal, then just know that they are trying to wear you down to make you more pliable. If this happens then just tell them that you're going to walk. By the way, don't be surprised to find the salesperson chase after you! It happened to me once.

9) Be Cool: DON'T act excited about buying a new car - even if you are! Stay cool and indifferent throughout the entire process whenever you're in the presense of sales people. I would also keep your yapper shut when you're in the salespersons office when they leave to "discuss your deal with the manager" because I've heard stories about bugged offices too!

10) No Cash Deposit: DON'T give your local car dealer a cash deposit! Don't give any deposit until you're absolutely sure that the EXACT car you want is there on the lot, and you've seen EXACTLY, down to the penney, what the final out the door price will be. Even then, I recommend you put the deposit on your credit card.

11) No Deposit: DON'T give any kind of deposit on a vehicle thats not right there on the lot and you've seen it. Didn't I just say that? Yes, but its worth repeating.

12) No Signing Contracts: DON'T sign a purchase contract for a vehicle from another lot until you've seen it and test driven it. Make sure the VIN on the paperwork is the same as the car.

13) Maintain Being Cool: DON'T undo all that you've learned on buying cars and allow yourself to get all confused up by a sales person. If you find this happening then just walk out. When you're finally ready to buy new cars, it doesn't need to be an exercise in getting reamed!

14) Be Strong: DON'T allow yourself to get intimidated when you buy new cars. This should NOT be an emotional decision now that you're an informed buyer. If the sales person starts jacking you around then just walk out.

15) Get Online Price Quotes: DON'T walk into a car dealer without first getting FREE online price quotes. Even if you choose to buy your new car the "old school" way (thrashing it out at a car dealer), you should print out your online price quotes (as proof to the salesperson) when negotiating for a lower price.

16) Don't Talk About The Size Of Payments: DON'T blab about how much you want your monthly car loan payments to be. You will probably be asked that by the salesperson. Just tell them that the issue is the final out the door price you pay and NOT the monthly payments. They only ask this so they can construct your loan around lower payments but then jack up the actual cost of car.

17) No Interest Loan Trap: DON'T fall for thinking that you're going to get a low or zero interest loan through a car dealer without them trying to weasel you in another way. Legitimate low or no interest car loans are offered by the manufacturers - not the dealers. If its a low interest loan thats offered through the dealer, then you can expect them to add all kinds of fee's and whatever they can weasel out of you to make up for what they are losing on the low interest car loan. The only way to get a zero interest car loan is if its offered directly from the factory (or a personal loan from a friend or relative!) AND you must have a stellar credit report with a high FICO score.

18) Chill Car Lease Plans: DON'T stress out over your car lease. You can get in to a short term lease with no money down or get out of a lease with Swap A Lease and Lease Trader.

19) Bogus Car Sealant Scam: DON'T pay more than $40.00 for the car dealers "paint sealant."  Chances are that their super duper auto paint sealant is only cheap car wax! And yes, I am aware that dealers will try to charge you from $200 to as much as $1000 for their "auto paint sealant."  Just refuse to pay for it. This real auto paint sealant is a superior product that is the same stuff the United States Navy uses on their Aegis radar towers! This PTFE formula car wax(its NOT car wax!) made with PPS technology continues to bead up after 150 washes! Geez, I've seen my car wax start going away after only four or five washes! Its amazing stuff and its really easy to apply.

20) Rustproofing Scam: DON'T pay any additional money for "rustproofing" or some type of "fabric protection" either. The rustproofing is bogus and you can do your own fabric protection with a couple cans of Scotch Guard that you can buy almost anywhere.

21) Extended Car Warranty: DON'T buy your extended auto warranty from the car dealer. If you shop an outside source you can get a better extended car warranty for much much less.

22) Car Alarm System: DON'T buy the alarm system that the dealer trys to sell you with new cars. It will be an inferior system that will cost you hundreds of dollars more than what you can get one for elsewhere. Look in your local phone book under car alarms and get a few quotes.

23) Car Accessories: DON'T buy your auto accessories from car dealers. Car dealers love to pile on the accessories because the profits are hefty. Instead, save yourself lots of money and get a more "stripped down" car and add your own car accessories later.

24) Keep Big Mouth Shut: DON'T discuss how much any of the purchase quotes are that you brought with you to the salesperson until AFTER you've gotten a firm out-the-door quote on your new cars. Its really important to keep your yapper shut about this until the right time!

25) Vehicle History Report: DON'T buy a used car without getting a vehicle history report! A vehicle history report is CHEAP insurance - especially with all the flooded cars from areas hit by the hurricanes and floods and then being re-sold in other states with bogus "clean" titles. Only a vehicle history report will reveal all that funky stuff that may not be apparent to you, like: Was the vehicle in a flood? Is it a California "Gross Polluter"?  Was it ever "totaled" by an insurance company and later resurrected as a "Salvage Vehicle" in another state?

26) No Credit Check: DON'T let them run a credit check on you. It would just be another unneeded inquiry on your credit report. You've already got your credit report with you in your stack of notes anyway, right? If not then look online for a free credit report and order the FICO score option too.

27) No Dealer Prep: DON'T pay for "dealer prep." Dealer prep is a total scam designed to squeeze more money from you when you when you buy new cars. Just refuse to pay for it!

28) Prep Fee: DON'T pay for any "prep fee." These are already included in the MSRP and you will only be paying for it twice!

29) Valuation Fee and/or Import Tariff: DON'T pay for "Valuation Fee" or "Import Tariff". These are bogus fee's designed to part you from more of your money.

30) Don't Pay More: DON'T pay more than five percent over the "dealer cost" for your new auto or truck. Five percent will still give them a decent commission.

31) Car Insurance: DON'T waste hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance without first getting free online car insurance quotes first.

32) YOU MUST STAY IN CONTROL WHEN BUYING CARS! I can not stress this enough. I know its exciting, but try to keep your emotions in check until after you drive away from the lot. This is your life and your hard earned money and no one can have power over you - not even a car salesperson - unless you choose to give it to them!


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