They Lied About My Car Loan Application!

Melissa from Illinois shares her Car Dealer Horror Story about how the car dealership lied to her about her car loan application...

"I went to a car sales tent event in which I found a car I was ready to purchase. The dealership was trying to push everyone through one local credit union. I asked them to submit me through my own bank. I waited an hour and called my bank to find out they had not received an application for me. I waited another hour and called again to find still no app had been turned in. I went back to the car lot and asked my salesman what he had found out. He said that I had been denied by my bank. I said: "That's funny because less than 5 minutes ago I called my bank and you never turned in an app." They were apparently just wanting to rope me into a higher interest rate through their preferred lender. I also checked back with my bank 3 business days later and they NEVER did receive that app."

My response...
I'm sorry you had to go through this but this story is so typical. I talk about this same scenario all over this website too. The solution is so simple and easy and will save you time, lots of money and is totally hassle free. Instead of going through hell by applying at the car dealer, apply online for a car loan instead.

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