The Bad Credit Score Scam


Here is how to avoid the bad credit score scam and save hundreds of dollars the next time you buy a car.

First of all, not all car dealers want to rip you off, but this is one car scam that is used by the dishonest ones.

This scam happens in the car dealers auto finance department. What happens is that the salesperson will come back from who knows where and tell you that you that your credit score is too low.

The reason they use this scam is so they can get you into a high interest car loan so they can make money off of the extra points charged.

The easiest and most painless way to avoid the bad credit score scam is to avoid getting your car loan through the car dealer altogether.

Besides saving what could amount to many hundreds of dollars, you will also save yourself tons of time and aggravation too.

Get your own credit score and credit report and avoid any surprises by knowing exactly whats on your credit report.

The higher your credit score the lower the interest on your car loan.

Avoid the bad credit score scam by getting your car loan online instead of at the car dealership.


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