The Car Dealer Forced Life Insurance Scam and How To Avoid It

The forced life insurance car scam is just another in a long line of car dealer scams that you will need to be aware of.

What happens is that the car dealer might throw a life insurance policy in with the deal. Its there so that if you croak then the policy will pay the balance of your car loan.

This forced life insurance car scam isn't free and is just another thing that can needlessly add to the total cost of your vehicle.

You don't need it because your own life insurance policy will probably have more than enough money there to pay your car loan off.

The bummer is that they may not even mention that they are adding this, so you need to go over the paperwork very carefully.

If you notice it then they might tell you that the car loan company requires you to have it.

Here is how to avoid the forced life insurance car scam...

Avoid getting your car loan through the car dealer altogether by applying online for your car loan instead.

Yes, thats all there is to it but you will save yourself a ton of hassles and time and will be able to totally bypass the car dealer finance department. You want to avoid the dealer finance department human shark because this is where all kinds of b.s. that can cost you a fortune that can be added to the price of your car.


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