Best Free Ways To Sell Your Old Car

Here are the best free ways to sell your old car.

1) For Sale Signs: Find a high exposure place that has lots of drive-by and foot traffic to park it on with For Sale signs. Plaster signs on all four sides of your car. Use brightly colored day-glow paper and make sure you put a price on your signs too! Not everyone is "Poindexter" with a pocket protector full of pens and pencils in their shirt pocket so consider putting tear-off phone numbers on the bottom of your For Sale signs. Parking your car with For Sale signs on it is a great way to sell a car...if its available to you...and its secure...and its not too far from your house.

2) Free Shopping Rags: Place an ad in whatever free shopping publications exist in your area that allows cars-for-sale ads. Some of these can be very effective sources for selling a car.

3) Online Classified Ads: Place free online classified ads with, and Why online ads as opposed to just using your local newspaper? Well, the problem with local newspaper classified ads is that your ad is only listed for a limited number of days unless you are willing to cough up a lot more money to keep re-listing it. Plus its rare that newspapers allow you to post a photo and the other thing is that your ad is usually only seen by people that live in your area. In the days before the internet that was okay, but you would be amazed to find how far people will drive (or fly!) to look at your car.

4) Local Bulletin Boards: Put little ads on brightly colored paper with tear-off phone numbers on public bulletin boards located in shopping malls and/or laundry mats.

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