Where Is The Car I Ordered?

Dan from Illinois wonders if he will ever get the car he ordered...

"In my attempts at the impossible trying to purchase a Mustang GT for less than $8,000 ABOVE MSRP, I have yet to meet an 'honest' dealer. Among many things, I have had dealers tell me over the phone that they can order me the Mustang I want, only to get me into the dealership and then tell me, 'Oh, by the way, it will actually be next years model'. My response, of course is, 'Oh. How much is that?' They, of course, say their not sure yet, but it will be a 'little more'. My favorite had to be from a saleseman who took my $500 to order a car, but wouldn't know if he could actually get the car until Friday. When I called him, he said "I told you I would CALL you Friday, but I wouldn't know if can GET the car until Monday. Hang on for one minute"...after being on hold momentarily "like I said, I won't know about the car until after our allocatement meeting on Tuesday." Allocatement meeting?!!? Huh? Honest to God, it went from Friday, to Monday, to Tuesday. Of course he still has my money and eventually may be able to tell me if he can or cannot order me a car. Who are these 'honest' car dealers you keep mentioning?"

My response...
You are just getting the old run around. As far as the honest car dealers out there...they do exist...and I even know one!

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