Car Lot Finance Director Gives His Opinion About How We Portray Car Salespeople

Shawn, a car lot finance director wrote to tell us the following...

"I liked your article about ad unit cars (it will open another window). I work for a car dealer as the finance director and recently bought one of our ad units, they are the best deal available to the general public and employees. I waited till the ad was four days old to purchase and it was still there. I love my car.

I do not like how you portray car sales people. Most of them are just good people who fight too hard for their customers and not for their employers. We as a dealership wish we could generate more profit. We consistantly sell below invoice pricing as an average.

Our CSI is through the roof, but we have to look at ways of additional profit opportunities.
Most of what you talk about on your website is really true, but you do not find these flim flam men in many car stores anymore. We do not pay for that. The manufactures pay us for high CSI, so we have to deliver that.

These individuals still exist in the car business, as well as many other businesses like: attorneys, plastic surgeons, realtors, pastors, journalists, jewelers, restauranteurs, insurance agents, police officers, politicians and the like.
Thanks for a great web site!"

My response...
Shawn, I completely agree with you that scum bags exist in every field possible and its not just car sales people, but this site is here to educate car buyers about the inherent pitfalls they will encounter when buying a new or used car.

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