When You Buy A Used Car, Ask These Questions...

When you buy a used car its crucial to know exactly what questions to ask a used car seller on the phone so you will know if their car is even worth looking at.

Below is a typical (yet hypothetical) used car ad you may see when you are looking for a car...

'85 Toyota Tercel 4 dr, automatic, runs great!
Many new parts. $850.00 obo 867-5309

If you burn yourself out looking at tons of garbage cars then you may end up settling for something you really don't want or you will pay a lot more for the car because you just want to get the "hideous task" over with.

It doesn't have to be a hideous task, so the "point" is to ask lots of questions on the phone so you're not burning yourself out wasting time driving all over the place looking at cars you're not interested in.

When you buy a used car, you've got to qualify these sellers because some of them will say anything to get you to come over, and I mean ANYTHING!

Here are the main questions to ask of the seller. Some may seem really obvious, but they are all designed to save you time and money...

:: What is the overall running condition?

:: What is the mileage shown on odometer?

:: Are there any new parts or repairs done?

:: How often was the oil changed?

:: Do you have ALL the receipts?

:: What is the condition of body?

:: What is the condition of interior?

:: Has the car ever been in a wreck?

:: Are you the original owner?

:: Do you have a vehicle history report? If not then you should get one because a vehicle history report will be invaluable if you want to buy a good used car. A used vehicle history report will show if its a salvage vehicle, was it in a flood (especially important with all the cars flooded from hurricanes), a gross polluter, a fleet car with a billion hard miles - and many other things that could cost you a fortune later.



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