How To Buy A Used Car Without Getting Screwed!

Here is a FREE guide on how to buy a used car for hundreds less than the asking price!

You will learn exactly what questions to ask the seller, how to inspect a used car, how to test drive it, how to negotiate a lower price and finally how to close the deal - even if you were totally clueless about buying used cars prior to this!

There are 6 parts to this guide, so just click on the link at the bottom of each page to move on to the next section on buying used cars.

Part 1: How to figure what to sell your car for

Part 2: How to question a used car seller - Page 1

Part 3: How to question a used car seller - Page 2

Part 4: How to inspect and test drive a used car

Part 5: How to negotiate a lower price

Part 6: Finalize the deal when buying a used car


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