How To Sell a Car To Family or Friends Without Becoming Mortal Enemies For Life

How to sell a car to family or friends seems like a simple thing at first, right? Wrong!

It is simple to sell a used car to anyone...but family or friends.

If you sell a used car the wrong way to a member of your family you risk becoming an outcast.

Sell your car to a friend the wrong way and you risk losing that friend for life.

You know how it could go...  You sell the car to your sister and the next thing you know she's complaining (forever!) that you screwed her on the price, or there was a tear in one of the seats she didn't see before, etc., etc., etc.

And this is the kind of stuff that can turn into a serious wedge issue between you and your family member or friend.

And you don't want that to happen, and there is no reason for that to take place if you follow the simple instructions I've outlined below.

I guess you could avoid all the possible B.S. and say "Screw it, I will NOT sell my car to a family member or a friend." You could do that but sometimes its cool to pass on a good car to the fam or a friend.


Here are my 6 Commandments For Selling a Used Car To Family or Friends...

1) Full Disclosure: Tell your friend or family member everything about the car that you are aware of. If the right CV joint is making clicking sounds when you turn, then tell them that it might need to be replaced. If there is a little tiny crack in the windshield, show them. If the AC isn't blowing cold, then tell them about that too.

2) Price: Be totally upfront about how much you will sell the car to them for. Regardless of whether it is a good deal you are giving them or not, do print outs from, so you can PROVE TO THEM that the price you are asking is a fair price based on the market guides.

3) Inspection: Make sure they personally and thoroughly check out the car inside and out...and that includes checking the trunk and engine compartment too. As far as mechanics go, if they don't know cars themselves then I would insist that they have the car inspected by a professional or at least by someone that does know cars.

4) Test Drive: Make sure they take the car on a thorough test drive -up hills, down hills, on freeways, everywhere.

5) Paperwork: Make sure you give them (and keep a copy for yourself) a Bill Of Sale with any terms listed. For example, and I would do this with a Bill Of Sale for anyone,

6) Follow Through: What I mean is that you want to make sure you don't let anything slide just because the buyer is your sister, brother, or best friend. If you say that you'll have the Title signed and ready to give them when they show up to pay you for the car then make sure that is exactly what you do. If you say you're going to get the car detailed, or whatever, before they pick it up, then do that.

Every one of those 6 Commandments are there to protect you and the relationship you have with the people you love and care about.


When I would NOT sell a car to a family member or friend...

a) If the car is a total piece of dog sh%t that is guaranteed to breakdown any minute, and you know it is, and they aren't a mechanic.

b) If your family member or friend knows nothing about cars and won't personally inspect the car and pay for a professional inspection.

c) If they won't take the car for a good thorough test drive.

d) If they are bitching and moaning about the price, and you can't afford to sell it to them for any less.


The point is that you want to do everything expected of you, and maybe even a little more...just because of the relationship you have with them. That way you minimize any potential issues later.

If doing that stuff is too much of a hassle, or you don't want to risk ruining your relationship with family or friends, then click here to sell your car yourself.

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