I Got Screwed Buying a Car From a Family Friend!

Douglas Effingham from Illinois talks about how is wife got screwed when she bought a car from a family friend that worked at a car lot...

"My wife had this car dealer horror story (before we met).... She bought her car, a 98 Mercury Mystique GL with all the options. It was used, but with a 6-CD changer, etc. She tested everything out, and it all worked. After she signed the papers, the dealership offered to detail the car for her because they had not had the chance to do that yet. They took a LONG time, and finally the salesman (a family friend) went back to see what was going on. Shortly after that, they told her the car was ready. The CD changer never worked after that, and after we got married I took it apart & there were 2 CDs jammed in the changer unit. They switched it out with a bad one so that she would bring it in to be serviced! Either way, they got a nice deal by getting a good CD changer for free. Great site. Keep up the good work!"

My response...
Check out how to buy cars from family and friends.

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