Car Lease Excess Wear and Tear Rip Off Scam!

Joseph from Quebec feels he was charged too much for his car lease excess wear and tear from the car dealer...

"We came to return our car that was leased by XXX XXXX XXXXX and they assesed us for 6900 in excces wear and tear so i brought it to another dealer that assesed it at 2200 wear and tear and after fighting it out i was basically forced to buy the car if i didnt want to risk having to pay the 6900. in the end i purchased it for 10000 plus tax when its market value should not be more then 6000. i know they wanted the 6900 so they shouldent lose the difference between the residual and its true market value. My question is was there a way to get around the 6900 payment? Is there a way i can fight them in court now?"

My response...
Sorry I can't help you here but this sounds like a question for an attorney who knows something about car leases. Lawyers are expensive so you might also look into handling the lawsuit yourself by filing at Small Claims Court to save money if that exists in Quebec.

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