The Car Fabric Protection Car Dealer Scam

Here is what the car fabric protection car dealer scam is and how you can avoid this scam.

Some car dealer scams are quite elaborate but this one is simple and easily avoided.

One of the most profitable things for a car dealer is to hit you with tons of fee's and "options".

Some of these "options" are things you can buy on an aftermarket basis...others are a total scam.

The car fabric protection car dealer scam is only one of many scams you may be confronted with when buying a new car.

The car fabric protection car dealer scam is where they will try to charge you what could amount to hundreds of dollars for some kind of stain protection for your seats and carpet.

First of all, since this "fabric protection" is invisible, then you really don't know if it was even done.

Even if your seats and carpet do have some type of fabric protection on them then you need to know that all they did was to spray it with a couple cans of Scotch Guard...and VOILA!....the car fabric protection car dealer scam is born!

You can buy Scotch Guard at most stores for only a couple dollars per can.

So once again: Caveat Emptor - Let The Buyer Beware


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