Extended Car Warrantys and 15 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying!

Buying extended car warrantys for your new or used car can be confusing and expensive.

Yet they are so needed because if you don't have an extended warranty after your factory warranty ends, then you are on your own and with the high cost of repairs, an extended auto warranty can pay for itself even the first time you use it.

But if you choose to buy an extended auto warranty from your car dealer, which is what most car buyers do, then you can expect an extremely high pressure and unpleasant experience in the finance department.

The reason is because extended car warrantys are one of the most profitable things that a car dealer offers.

The sale of them is handled in the car dealers finance department and the pressure to buy their extended auto warranty can be intense.

So what should you do? There is no doubt that car warrantys are needed and even though car dealers will try to make you feel like an idiot for turning down their expensive warranty - there is an alternative...

Here are the 15 questions to ask before buying extended car warrantys...

1) Are you a Member of the BBB and in good standing?

2) Do you offer financing?

3) Can I choose the repair facility?

4) Do you pay the repair facility directly?

5) Where can I take my car for repairs? Your dealership, or any ASE Certified repair facility you choose.

6) Depending on the age and mileage of a used car, do you offer bumper to bumper coverage for vehicles out of manufacturers warranty?

7) Do you include wear & tear?

8) Is overheating covered?

9) Do you offer a per visit deductible?

10) Do you offer a zero deductible option?

11) Do you offer road hazard protection?

12) Do you offer car rental reimbursement with your extended auto warranty?

13) Is the agreement transferable / renewable?

14) Are high mileage plans available for up to 102,000 miles?

15) Are claims handled by the same company that sells car warrantys?

16) I said at the beginning of this page that I had "15 questions to ask" but I felt it was worth it to add this question too...  Will my extended warranty start the day I buy my car, or does it start when the manufacturer warranty ends?


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