The Best Way To Accept Payment When Selling a Car

Should you accept cash, personal check, money order, or a cashiers check when you are selling your old car?

This is the final step on how to sell a car that will guarantee you a no hassle conclusion to the sale.

As far as finalizing a car deal, I prefer cash and never accept a personal check. With cash you know the deal is done and final.

If its an expensive vehicle, or maybe they want to buy it through their business, then I might accept a cashiers check as long as I have verified that it is valid.

I'm a trusting soul, but if I felt there was anything weird about the car buyer and/or the way they paid me, then I would probably want them to come with me to the bank BEFORE I release the car and title to them.

I think its really important to put something like this on the Bill Of Sale to protect yourself...

Buyer understands that this car is sold on an "AS IS" basis only. Seller will not be responsible for any future repairs. This sale is final.


I am only telling you what I have done when I have sold a used car. You are on your own as to how you handle the legal paperwork.

Then I would have the car buyer sign and date it and give them a copy. By doing that you have eliminated all the potential hassle of having the person come back to you wanting to return the car or wanting you to pay for some repair.

Please don't take what I just said as the only way to do accept payment for a car. Perhaps you live in an area of the world where you are responsible for a used car even AFTER you sell a car for a period of time (and how scary is that?). So check this out for yourself with whatever government agency handles the legal paperwork when you sell a car.

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