Car Dealer Reneged On My Car Deal!

Alice from New Jersey said this car dealership reneged on her car deal...

"We went to EAST BRUNSWICK XXXXXXXX NJ to purchase a new car. We shook hands on a deal with XXXXXX, Sales Mgr., for a Pontiac Grand Prix 4 DR Sedan Grand Prix GT for $20,500 with our Oldsmobile Intrique trade-in. Our salesman proceeded to call our insurance company to do a policy change to add the Pontiac to our policy which was confirmed. Once our salesman had approval from Gm Card for our earnings, the Sales Manager said he would no longer honor our deal as we had too many discounts. Later he said he had never shook hands with us on this deal for $20,500.00. Obviously it is very upsetting to think you own a car and then to have the dealer renege on the deal. I have used incentives and GM Card Earnings before when purchasing GM cars and was never told we had too many discounts. I want to make sure that I tell everyone I know how I was treated by EAST BRUNSWICK XXXXXXXXX"

My response...
Sorry I had to substitute the names for a bunch of X's Alice. I believe you though, especially since you actually left your full name and phone number with your car dealer horror story submission.

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