Car Salesperson Disrespects Cheap Car Buyers

Frank, a car sales person from California writes...

"In response to the person that said he was given a good price and walks away thinking that he can get a good deal somewhere else: It is not the dealers or salespersons fault that customers do not trust the bottom line price quoted to you. I believe that this type of customers have not done research and too ignorant to know what a good deal is. They waste time going around town hoping another dealer can beat the price. What for? A couple hundred bucks? I have no respect for people that do not understand that we too have to make some commision. How would you feel if you sold a $25,000 car and made $50 on the deal?"

My response...
Nice try Frank but you are completely missing the point of the car dealer horror story series and this entire site. I'm not disputing the fact that you need to make a profit. In fact Frank, I don't care if you make a million dollars profit on each car you long as you are totally open, upfront and honest with your car buyers and don't work them to death. See, my opinion is that it is the buyers duty to research a new car and make a decision as to what kind of car they want and then get multiple new car price quotes so they will know first hand that they are getting the best deal. Its what makes the world go around Frank and I'm sure you do the same thing before you make a major purchase. Then if after they have done their due diligence and they choose to buy a car from you, even if it costs a million dollars more than any other dealer (or $500.00, or whatever) then that is their choice to do that and they have NOTHING to complain long as they weren't lied to, cheated and worked by you in the process. Get it?

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