How Much Should I Sell My Car For?

If you try to sell a car and price it too high - it won't sell. Price it too low and you'll lose money.

Figuring out how much to sell your used car for is key to being able to sell it fast and also for getting as much money as you can for it.

The first thing to do is to go to and and plug in all the particulars about the car you want to sell.

For “real world” comparisons sake, you might also look
at the classified ads at for the same type of car. If you don't find a car like yours for the same year and model, or enough of them from your area, then broaden your search geographically realizing that the farther out you go the less accurate the selling price might be unless your car is something unique, like a rare sports car, classic, exotic, etc.

If you use the classified ads for “comps” (comparable vehicles), then you want to stay pretty much within the same parameters you used for Kelley Blue Book and Nada Guides, which are...

  • Same make, model and year.
  • Same engine with similar options.
  • Close to the same mileage.
  • Similar condition - mechanically & aesthetically.
  • Close to the same geographic area.

This is an essential step and should only take a few minutes of searching. If your search reveals that Kelley Blue Book says that your car is worth more than Nada Guides or the classified ads, then go ahead and use that figure as a starting point for determining the price to sell a car for.

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