Bad Car Salespeople Screw It Up For The Rest Of Us!

Read why Kav, a car sales consultant from British Columbia says how car salespeople screw things up...

"I am a sales consultant at a new and pre-owned dealership. Even though I make my living selling cars, I do see the consumers side to dealerships. It is true that many dealers are there to take the most out of the consumers, however, do not think all dealers are like that. I have myself been taken advantage from a dealer on a purchase I have made (This is before I became a Sales Consultant). At the time of negotiating, the rate for leasing was at 5.95%. When I went to pick up my new vehicle, I was told the rates had changed and it is now 6.55%. It was a good thing I did my research and found out the rates were 5.95% and the dealer can mark up .5% for profit. I did not have to give them this .5%.

To make a long story short, not all dealers are bad. My advise is to do your research and make sure the dealer provides you with all the details of your transaction. I love my job and what I do, but sadly, it only takes one dealer to screw it up for everyone else."

My response...
I love getting these letters from car salespeople! He's right that all it takes is one, two or a thousand evil salespeople to 'F' things up for the honest ones.

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