Car Dealer Took My CD Player After I Bought My Car!

David from New York bought a car and paid $600 extra for a CD player. When he picked up his car he discovered that the car dealer took out his CD player...

"A couple of years ago I went to the car dealer to purchase a convertible. I saw one on the lot and agreed to purchase that one. They completed preparation of the vehicle and I went to the showroom to pick it up. I asked about the options and was told there was no cd with this vehicle so I agreed to purchase the cd changer for $600. I was handed some papers that included the window sticker. As I read the window sticker I noticed that it included a single cd player. I asked the saleperson why there was no cd player and he told me that another customer bought a the same car and wanted a cd player so they took it out of the car I was buying and gave it to the other customer and replaced mine with a cassette player which they said was more expensive. I asked to see the manager but all he did was send the salesman back and forth with answers. In the end I took the car because it was exactly what I wanted although I knew I could walk away from the deal. But I decided to write to write the  manufacturer to complain about the dealer. The upshot was that I was told that the manufacturer is only responsible for the basic car and that the dealer can do whatever s/he wants with options so there was nothing they would or could do and that it was up to me to work it out with the dealer. Sounds like a bait and switch to me. Needless to say I would never buy another car of this kind and I discourage my friends from buying cars from the dealer. For a few hundred $'s that dealer has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales."

My response...
That is the kind of shiftless scammy car dealer horror story stuff I'm talking about all over this site! Once again someone comes in and goes through the long arduous process of buying a car in GOOD FAITH and right at the end of the deal he finds out that an option that was in the car already had been taken out to clinch another deal! I totally understand why David here went ahead with the purchase of the vehicle anyway...but he did it out of pure frustration and just wanted to get his F-ing car and go home! I'll tell you what I would have done though...

When they told me that the cassette player was "more expensive than the cd player" then I would have asked them how much it was worth in exact dollars and cents, and then I would have said to yank that gawd damn mother F-ing thing out of there and deduct that from the price of the car or I'm going to bail....and mean it....and then go buy a far better cd player from a car stereo place. And please, you car sales people, don't even waste my time writing to tell me that since the deal wasn't finalized that the car dealer had every right to do that. Oh I'm sure you were well within your legal right (you friggin sleaze bag)....but get a clue man....its just BAD BUSINESS....GAWD! Excuse me, but YES, this stuff pisses me off....hence this website and this car dealer horror story series!

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